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Varanasi, in India or Benaras as it is called is a famous holy city set beside the holy Ganges. Also known as the land of the holy Ganges, it is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in any north indian pilgrimage. Located on the banks of the river Ganga, it is believed that Varanasi is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. It has been a prime cultural and religious centre of India for thousands of years.

VaranasiThe city of Varanasi is a blend of the past and present, with both co-existing. Varanasi is associated with the river Ganges and its religious significance. Near the banks of the river Ganga are situated many Hindu temples which are thronged by masses of visitors as it is one of the holy pilgrimage sites in India for the Hindus.

The holy river is the nucleus of the life and the activities of people in the city. In Varanasi, activities begin before dawn when pilgrims descend to the river before dawn to wait for the rising sun. Thousands of tourists throng Varanasi with intense thoughts of salvation, waiting to take the holy dip in the river and wipe off their sins away. Such, is the reverence of the river Ganga that wherever it flows, the place becomes one of the holiest places of worship in India.

On sunrise, one can see plenty of temples along with the quiet flow of the Ganges and also the magnificent buildings that makes Varanasi, a unique holy city in the world. Tourists from all parts of India and also the world visit this ancient city. The ghats of the city are full of activities with Brahmins reciting sacred slokas or chants and the priests offering holy ashes on the foreheads of pilgrims. Also Boatmen, flower sellers and vendors selling sweetmeats and knick-knacks, sacred bulls and cows make brisk business waiting to attract customers. All in all, Varanasi is a city in itself with many attractions, being a major pilgrimage and a centre of faith.

History suggests that the city was founded some ten centuries before the birth of Christ. Located between the two tributaries of the Ganges- Varuna to the north and Asi to the south, Varanasi is regarded spiritual and immortal. The city is mentioned in Holy Scriptures like ' Vamana Purana', Buddhist texts and in the epic 'Mahabharata'.

Lying in the northern banks of Ganga, Varanasi is known for its holiness. The Ganga is believed to have flown from the heaven to the Earth to wash away the worldly sins of the humankind. Varanasi inspires one to give a thought to life, creation and how wealth is insignificant in the face of death. Thus to be in Varanasi is an experience of a lifetime.Tour Bokking

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