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Sarnath Tour

Sarnath (also called Mrigadava,Migadāya, Rishipattana, Isipatana) is located in Uttar Pradesh, India, 13 kilometres north-east of Varanasi. A Buddhist travel site, Sarnath is a deer park where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma. It is also the place where the Buddhist Sangha came into existence through the enlightenment of Kondanna. Isipatana is one of the four sacred places for the Buddhisht is mentioned by the Buddha as one of the four Buddhist pilgrimage sites, which the devout followers of Buddhism should visit.

Origin of the name :

Sarnath means "Lord of the Deer". Another old Buddhist story is linked with this holy town. A king was was planning to kill a doe. But the Bodhisattva was a deer who offered his life to the king.The king is so moved that he creates the park as a sanctuary for deer. The park is still there today.

History :

SarnathMonastic Tradition has been in vogue for over 1,500 years on the site of the Deer Park, since the times of Buddha.After his five weeks of his enlightenment, the Buddha went from Bodh Gaya to Sarnath. Buddha travelled to Sarnath to join and teach his friends, whom he had to give up before enlightenment. When Gautama Buddha found them, he taught them, they understood and as a result they also became enlightened.

At that time, the community of the enlightened ones or the Sangha, was found. Gradually, the Sangha had grown to 60 in number, and Buddha sent them out in all directions to travel alone and teach the Dharma. All 60 monks were Arhants.

Discovery of Sarnath :

The present day, modern Sarnath was identified with Isipatana. It was Alexander Cunningham who found the Migadaya that was represented by a fine wood.Covering an area of about half a mile, it extends from the great tomb of Dhamekha on the north to the Chaukundi mound on the south. Among the prime pilgrimage sites in India, Sarnath showcases the strong presence and influence of Buddhism in India. Buddhist from far and wide make a pilgrimage tour to India.

Sarnath, at present :

The Park today bear reminisces of the times when Lord Buddha rendered his teachings. A well-planned museum in the vicinity exhibits a number of unearthed statues, many of them barely damaged, along with several other findings from the site. The famous lion capital from Ashoka's pillar dominated the museum's entrance. The existing inscription of Ashoka's pillar, dating from that time, implies that a monastery was already established during Ashoka's reign. In the past, two great stupas adorned the site.

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