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Sanchi Tour

Sanchi is a small village in India. Situated in the central part of the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, Sanchi is 46 kms north east of Bhopal and 10 km from Vidisha. In Sanchi, the major attractions are several Buddhist monuments dating from the third century BC to the twelfth century BC. These include a number of Buddhist stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars. This makes it a prime Buddhist travel site.

Sanchi honour of Lord BuddhaIn the third century BC, the Mauryan emperor "Ashoka The Great" founded all the stupas at Sanchi honour of Lord Buddha. It is rated as one of the prominent Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The 'Great Stupa' at Sanchi was also commissioned by Ashoka. They have the distinction of being included by UNESCO in its list of World Heritage Sites.

Description of the Great Stupa :

Among the stupas, the most magnificent as well as the largest one of these is the "Great Stupa of Sanchi". Being one of the best-preserved Stupas, it is also the oldest of the existing structures in India, dating back to the Buddhist period. The Stupas have beautiful carvings in them that depict a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

The Great Stupa is encircled with a railing and has four wonderfully carved gateways, each facing one direction. It is believed that these gateways were carved around 100 AD. A unique feature of all the Stupas at Sanchi is that none have any images of Lord Buddha in human form.

Buddha has been illustrated symbolically, in the form of inanimate figures. The figures include wheels (representing his teaching), his footprints, empty throne etc. The gateways have carvings that portray many incidents from the life of the Buddha as well as his previous incarnations as Bodhisattvas described in Jataka tales. It is among the pilgrimage sites in India.

Sanchi, at present :

At present, around fifty monuments remain on the hill of Sanchi, including three stupas and several temples. Devotees including foreigners make a pilgrimage tour to India. Since 1989, the monuments have been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to reach Sanchi :

The nearest, is the Bhopal airport situated at a distance of approximately 46 km. Vidisha, about 10 kms from Sanchi is the nearest railway station. Sanchi is well connected to Bhopal, Vidisha and Indore with well-laid road network.

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