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Rameshwaram or Varanasi of the south is an island in the Gulf of Manner. Situated at the very tip of the Indian peninsula, Rameshwaram is the place from where Lord Rama built a bridge across the sea to rescue Sita from Ravana. One of the popular Hindu pilgrimage sites, Tour Bokkingit is also the place where Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to wash away the sins of killing Ravana.

RameshwaramRameshwaram is in fact associated with various incidents from the Ramayana. Both the Vaishnavites and Shaivites make it a point to visit this pilgrimage as it is considered that a visit to Varanasi is not complete without a visit to Rameshwaram. The significance of this famous South Indian pilgrimage is that it is one the twelve Jyotirlingas of India and the presiding deity here is the Linga of Sri Ranganatha. A visit to Rameshwaram is also believed to be mandatory in order to attain Moksha.

The religious island of Rameshwaram is spread over an area of 61.8 sq. km. and is in the shape of a conch. It is connected to mainland India by the Pamban Bridge. Rameshwaram has a very dry tropical climate and experiences an average annual rainfall of 94cm.

The holy island of Rameshwaram is a happening holiday spot along with being a major pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The Ramanathaswamy Temple, which occupies a major area of Rameshwaram, is the main attraction of the island. This exotic masterpiece of Dravidian architecture boasts of not only the largest temple corridor in India but also comprises of twenty-two wells where the waters of each well is different from the other and these wells are believed to have medicinal values.

Just about 100 metres from the Ramanathaswamy Temple is a place called Agnitheertham where Rama was believed to have worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse himself from the sins of killing the demon king Ravana. Gandamadana Parvatham is another place worth visiting as it contains the imprint of Lord Rama's feet placed on a Chakra.

Dhanushkodi is yet another major attraction of Rameshwaram. The chain of boulders, sandbanks and islets around the sea between this place and Sri Lanka are known as the Adam's Bridge and are believed to be used by Hanuman to reach Lanka in order to save Sita. The Kothandaraswamy Temple in Dhanushkodi, where Vibhishana surrendered to Rama, is the only structure to survive the cyclone of 1964 which destroyed every other thing in the village.

The nearest airport to Rameshwaram is Madurai which is 173 km away. It is also connected through railways to all major cities like Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore. So, if you are thinking of taking a religious trip while having some fun yourself then Rameshwaram in India is your dream destination.Tour Bokking

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