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Kaushambi Tour

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Kausambi is a small district situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. During the time of Buddha, it was the erstwhile capital of 'Vatsa Janpad' and came under the reign of King Udyana. The distinct feature of Kausambi is that it was the abode of Lord Buddha in the 6th and 9th year after his enlightenment. Kausambialso had the privilege of being the place where Buddha delivered a number of sermons. This brought it to the status of a learning center for Buddhists. Hence, it is a famous Buddhist travel site.

History :

KaushambiKausambi was once, a great city was the capital of Vamsa and the scene of several important events in the Buddha's life. It was rated as one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites. One can also see one of Ashoka's pillar and a little further away are the ruins of the Ghositarama, first built during the Buddha's lifetime. The huge ancient ramparts of the city are now all in ruins.

Kausambi, at present :

The archaeological excavations carried out in Kausambi have led to the finding of numerous figurines, sculptures, coins, punch-marked, cast coins, terra-cotta sculptures, etc. Architectural relics and ruins of prominence also came up during the excavations. A number of stupas in Kausambi, India were also discovered. Of them, the most impressive one is 25 m in diameter and 25 m in length. It dates back to the 5th century BC. It is among the prominent pilgrimage sites in India.

Major Attractions in Kausambi :

The three main tourist spots that are worth visiting are :

  • The Allahabad Museum : It has most of the antiquities discovered at Kausambi. There is an excellent collection of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain sculpture and other interesting exhibits. It is a major tourist spot but the entry ticket is too much at Rs. 200 per person.
  • The Archaeological Museum : It is in the Department of Ancient History in the Allahabad University. It has an extensive collection of the minor antiquities found at Kausambi. It will be mainly be of interest to the specialist.
  • The point of intersection of the river Yamuna with the Ganges : It is the place where ascetics practice many types of austerities, following the footsteps of their ancestors who did it, during the Buddha's time. Thousands of devotees including foreigners make a pilgrimage tour to India, to this spot wash off their sins

Some of the other spots are :

  • An Ashokan Pillar
  • An old fort
  • Ghositaram Monastery

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