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Hemkund Sahib Tour

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The Hemkund Sahib, at an altitude of 4329 meters is the highest shrine in the world. It is on the banks of a glacier lake called Lokpal, with crystal clear water. It is one of the most important places of worship in India and significant for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims of as a Sikh Gurudwara and a Laxman Temple is built on the banks of the river. People of other faiths also visit this place in large numbers, as it is one of the holy North India pilgrimage sites.

Hemkund SahibThe Hemkund Sahib can be reached in four to six hours from Ghangharia. The lake is surrounded on all the four sides with snow peaked mountains and glaciers that reflect the purity of the crystal clear waters. Water of the lake comes from the glaciers in the peaks Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi and a small stream named Himganga flows down the lake.

The holy Granth Sahib states that Guru Govind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs meditated on the banks of this lake only, in one of his earlier births. It is believed that he only introduced the principles of the faith of the Sikhs that is universal. On 15th April, 1699 he began the brotherhood of Khalsa (meaning pure) with the inner core of the faithful accepted by baptism.

Regarded as one of the pious Sikh pilgrimage sites, the Hemkund Sahib illustrates Guru Govind Singh’s first visit during his return from Kurukshetra. The Guru was attacked by Raja Ajmer Chand along with two Mughal rulers namely Sayyed Beg and Alaf Khan but was beaten up in the end. The Guru’s charisma and his personality were so admired by the Mughal General that he became his devotee.

The fives K’s date from this period only
kesh (uncut hair) kangha (comb), kirpan (dagger or short sword), kara (steel bangle), and kachh (boxer shorts). The primary K among others is the uncut hair. The comb is designated to be specially of wood. The dagger and the shorts show the military influence and the bangle as a form of charm.

It is believed that Lakshmana, the younger brother of Ram meditated on this lake and recuperated after getting wounded severely by the demon Ravana’a son, Meghnath during the battle. Despite its ancient connections Hemkund or Lokpal was said to have been discovered by a Sikh Havaldar and Solan Singh. It became one of the major pilgrimage sites in India, after 1930 only.Tour Bokking

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