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About 375 kms south of Mumbai is Ganpatipule, along the Konkan coast in Maharashtra. The land of Ganpatipule is one of Maharashtra's unpolluted stretches of golden or silver sand beaches. The sparkling blue water of the Arabian sea in the horizon, along with foam filled gentle waves makes the place all the more beautiful. In the backdrop is the whispering of swaying coconut trees along with the sun playing hide and seek. A cool breeze brings with it, the aroma of fruits, flowers and mangroves. It is indeed, a paradise.

The Temple of Ganapati :

Ganpatipule TempleBesides the wonderful beach Ganpatipule is also an important site of Hindu Pilgrimage in India. A 400 year-old landmark is the Swayambhu Ganapati Temple(Swayambhu means a self-originated not manmade idol). It is known for its unique idol of Lord Ganpati and the magnificent temple located at the foot of a hill.

Thousands of devotees and tourists flock to this tourist hotspot every year. Ganpatipule means the Lord of the 'ganas' or army and "pule" means sand dunes. It is one of the 'Ashta Ganapatis' (eight Ganapatis) of India and is known as 'Paschim Dwar Dewata' (Western Sentinel God). Hence the importance of this place as one of the prime pilgrimage sites in India.

The devotees take a "Pradakshina" around the hill where the temple is located, not just around the temple. Pradakshina is a form of showing obeisance. The devotees walk in a circle around the idol of the Lord or around the temple, (the house of the Lord).

Ganpatipule, as a town :

Ganpatipule is a small village known for it's serene, sedate and clean beach. Unspoilt by tourist traffic, the beach here is as natural and pristine as ever. And traveling by road is an experience by itself. The vast Konkan stretch abounds with scenic greenery There are narrow mud-roads, red soil roofed houses with clean courtyards add a quaint touch to the panorama. The locals or the 'Konkanis'are as warm and cheerful as their surroundings. Ever ready to chat with the visitors and make them feel at home.

How to reach Ganpatipule : Mumbai to Ganapatiphule (via Mahad) is 375 kms. Pune to Ganapatiphule (via satara) is 331 kms. Kohlapur to Ganapatiphule is 144 kms. Nearest railhead and also the airport is Ratnagiri 50 kms on the Konkan railway.Tour Bokking

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