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Tour BokkingDuration: 10 Nights 11 Days

Destinations Covered: Delhi- Lucknow - Sravasti - Lumbini – Kushinagar- Varanasi – Bodhgaya- Patna

Day 01: Arrival in Delhi

After you arrive in Delhi you will be received by one of our representatives at the airport. You will be guided to the hotel where you will spend the night.

Day 02: Around Delhi

India Gate, New DelhiYour India tour begins with the sightseeing of capital Delhi, today. First you will visit the Jama Masjid-the biggest mosque built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. Then, leave for the Red Fort, Raj Ghat-place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. Visit India Gate- built in memory of the Indian Soldiers who died, fighting in World War I. You are only allowed to drive past the President's House and Parliament House. Pay a visit to the Humayun's Tomb (a memorial of the Mughals, design of which is influenced by that of Taj Mahal), the Qutab Minar & Lotus Temple).

Day 03: Delhi-Lucknow-Sravasti

Proceed to Lucknow from Delhi by flight. After reaching Lucknow you will be driven to Sravasti, which is 170 kms away.

The footsteps of Buddha tour begin from here. Shift to the hotel to spend the night there.

Tour BokkingDay 04: Sravasti -Lumbini

In the morning, after breakfast head to Sravasti (Sahet-Mahet), which was the capital of the historical Kosala kingdom. Also visit Jetvana Vihar and the Buddhist temples. Afterwards, from Sravasti proceed to Lumbini in Nepal (225 kms), which is an 8 hrs journey. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini. Once arrived, move to the hotel to spend the night there.

Day 05: Lumbini – Kushinagar

LumbiniIn the morning, pay a visit to the Mayadevi temple, Ashoka Pillar & stupas. From Lumbini, proceed to Kushinagar that is 161 kms away (a 6 hrs drive). After arriving in Kushinagar, move to the hotel. Lord Buddha attained Maha-Parinirvana after complete peace, in Kushinagar. You will be spending the night there.

Day 06: Kushinagar –Varanasi

In the morning, proceed to the MahaPariNirvana temple and also Ramabhar Stupa, where
Lord Buddha was cremated. After breakfast, move to Varanasi (260 kms), which is an 8 hrs drive from Kushinagar. After arriving, you will be lodged into a hotel.

Day 07: Varanasi

VaranasiA boat ride, early in the morning on the sacred river Ganga. A religious India tour must include a visit to the Ganga.You can see the sunrise and also the bathing Ghats of the holy city of the Hindus. After breakfast in the hotel, you have a whole day to tour the city of Varanasi. Pay a visit Bharat Mata temple, Tulsi Manas, Banaras Hindu University etc. Spend the night in the hotel there.

Day 08: Varanasi – Bodhgaya

From Varanasi, leave for Bodhgaya that is 242 kms away (a 7 hrs drive). In the way, comes Sarnath (about 10 kms from the holy city of Varanasi), which is the Buddhist city that was buried. Here, Lord Buddha first began to preach the Dharma, more than 2500 years ago. Pay a visit to the Buddhist temple, Stupas, Museum and ruins. Once arrived in Bodhgaya, move to the hotel. Bodhgaya is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment after meditating under the holy Bodhi Tree. Bodhgaya is a major tourist spot in the tour of Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Spend the night in Bodhgaya.

Tour Bokking Day 09: Bodhgaya

BodhgayaYou will have a whole day to go around Bodhgaya. Pay a visit to Mahabodhi Temple, Animeshlocan Chaiyata, Mohanta's Monastery, Ratnagar, Archaeological Museum, Tibetan Monastery, Thai Temple & Monastery, International Buddhist House & Japanese Temple, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, The Burmese Temple, The Chinese Temple and the Monastery.

Day 10: Bodhgaya - Patna - Delhi

In the morning, move from Bodhgaya to Patna (82 kms), that is a 6 hrs drive. On the way you will be visiting Rajgir & Nalanda. Rajgir, a holy place for the Buddhists was known to be historic capital of the Magadha Empire under King Bimbisara. In the afternoon, visit Gridhakuta Hill and the Bimbisara jail.

Take a 14 kms drive to Nalanda. It is of the most ancient universities in the world and also an International centre of learning for Buddhists studies. Buddhists from across the globe made a pilgrimage India tour to learn his teachings. Take a 90 kms drive to Patna and shift to the airport to catch a flight to Delhi in the evening. Once reached shift to the hotel for a stay at night.

Day 11: Delhi to home destination

Tour Bokking Move to the Delhi international airport to board the flight towards the homeward destination.

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