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Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh, the ninth guru of the followers for Sikhism found the town of Anandpur on June 19, 1665. Being the birthplace of Sikhism, it is one of the five holiest places of worship in India of the Sikhs. The day after Holi, Hola Mohalla festival is celebrated at Anandpur Sahib and the martial splendour of Khalsa under their great Guru is relived. Pilgrims, from India and abroad throng to catch a glimpse and also take part in the festival with gaiety.

Anandpur SahibGuru Sahib laid the foundation of one of these Sikh pilgrimage sites of Anandpur Sahib. Now Anandpur Sahib, Chakk Nanaki and a few adjoining villages nearby namely Sahota, Lodipur, Agampur, Matoa etc form part of the town of Anandpur. Also, it is the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur's head was cremated after he died as a martyr in Chandni Chowk in 1675. It was brought from Anandpur by Bhai Jaita from Delhi. In 1699 the Khalsa panth was founded by Guru Gobind Singh on Baisakhi Day.

The route from Anandpur to Bhattha Sahib, near Ropar has the scene of Khalsa flags furling everywhere. It reminds everyone of the stories of the state of Guru Sahib where many Sikhs laid their lives. Also known as Guruji's Land, the whole region has become immortal with the remembrance of Guru Sahib, their families and the Sikh martyrs. Guru Sahib abandoned Anandpur with the intention of securing Bilaspur state. But presently Bilaspur does not exist .It is fifty feet below the water of the lake named after Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.

Anandpur Sahib, otherwise known as The City of Bliss is 45 kms from Ropar on the left bank of the river Sutluj. It is known for its famous pilgrimage sites in India in the form of historical gurudwara's. The town gained importance with the construction of Bhakra and Nangal projects. It was also well connected by road and rail and at a distance of from 80 kms from Chandigarh. Foreign tourists frequently visit this historical site, which is one of the most pious Sikh pilgrimage sites, well within reach of important cities such as Chandigarh. The Punjab Government is taking special initiatives to woo tourists and make Anandpur, a hotspot destination.

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