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Amarnath Tour

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Amarnath is 145kms east of Srinagar in Kashmir. In Amarnath, there is an ice Shiva-linga that changes size as per the season and as the moon waxes and wanes, it becomes bigger and smaller. On the full moon day the linga is about 6ft high. On the full moon day of July-August (Sravana) the Siva linga is of maximum height. Every year, on this day there is a festival at this cave temple. It is said that Lord Shiva first appeared on this day. A trip to Amarnath is regarded as one of the sacred pilgrimage sites in India in any north Indian pilgrimage.

Amarnath-yatraLocated in a glacial valley at 4175mts, the cave is 150ft high and 90 ft long. Within the cave are four or five ice formations that resemble figures of different gods, with the biggest being that of Lord Shiva (Amarnath). On the left side of the linga is an ice formation called Ganesh and on the right side is that of Parvati and Bhairava. Amarnath in India is a Hindu pilgrimage site of prime importance.

The Amarnath yatra is an important event during July-August.  It is held annually and thousands of Hindus from various parts of the world visit these Amarnath caves. Pilgrims trek from Pahalgam to reach the caves and worship the great ice Lingam. Such, is the reverence, Amarnath has for the Hindus being one of the central places of worship in India.

The holy cave is covered with snow from September to June and so, opens only in July and August. Since it is also the rainy season, pilgrims will have to bear the rough weather in their quest to reach the holy cave. Each year about 25,000 people make this pilgrimage. Ponies and dandies can also be hired for this trip. It is very crowded during the Sravana festival, held annually. Also, there is a yearly pilgrimage from Srinagar that is lead by Chhari Saheb or the holy seepter.

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